Quality Containers Safe for water storage

330 Gallon IBC Totes - $89.00

Our Food Grade Totes are pressure washed, sanitized, and ODOR FREE.
Safe for water storage, usage

55-gallon HDPE (Poly) barrels

Our Food Grade barrels previously contained beverage flavorings. They are pressure-washed internally. These food-grade barrels are safe to use for water storage. Blue or white

Food Grade barrels- $45.

We just received a very rare delivery of BLACK BARRELS which are prized for water storage as this eliminates the algae growth. These black 55-gallon barrels are closed heads with two bungs. Sanitized and pressure washed internally.
Safe for water storage, Aquaponics, fish production, or any usage requiring safe water storage.
Black 55-gallon barrels with 2 bungs - $55.00
Once they are gone, they are GONE. Not to be repeated.

Non Food Grade- $30
Contained disinfectants, sanitizers, etc.

275-gallon IBC Totes- n/a

We do not carry any 275-gallon totes. Yuma is flooded with smaller totes. I have encountered no source of Food Grade 275 gallon totes locally. All of the smaller totes are chemical-based with removed placards preventing buyers from identifying the dangerous chemicals they once contained.
If looking for smaller totes, smell the openings to determine what you will be drinking. HDPE will maintain the odors of most chemicals. Other chemicals may produce sweet fragrances. Glycols are an example. Its cousin - ethylene or propylene glycol. Anti-freeze contains either or both Glycol ingredients. Glycols produce a sweet taste and odor.
When buying totes or barrels, ask to see the Food Grade labels. And smell the top opening. Saving a few dollars is not worth ingesting minute amounts of dangerous or deadly chemicals.

IBC Tote Adapter - attaches to bottom valve.

2" Aluminum- Camlock / 2" MPT = $19.
2" Poly - Camlock/5/8" garden hose outlet- $16.

55-gallon Waste Transfer Barrel - $89

A macerator pump is required along with a one-inch outlet hose that connects the macerator pump to the barrel. A one-inch valve should be installed at the end of the hose.

55-gallon waste transfer barrel with a new Valterra Valve.
55-gallon waste transfer barrel with a new Valterra Valve.
2 inch Plastic Camlock to 5/8 inch  MPT drain adapter
2 inch Plastic Camlock to 5/8 inch  MPT drain adapter
2 inch aluminum Camlock to two inch male pipe thread drain adapter
2 inch aluminum Camlock to two inch male pipe thread drain adapter
Safe, sanitary totes for home or farm

If you are storing your tote outdoors, it is strongly advisable to remove the plastic liner/bladder, scuff it up good with 60 or 80-grit sandpaper, use an oil base paint with primer, and paint the plastic entirely on the sides and top. Take your time. The idea is to protect the plastic from degrading or at least slow it down. With this protection, you will extend the life span of your exposed Tote. This procedure also applies to the white barrels. The blue barrels will take longer to break down in the unforgiving Arizona Sun.


Tote Construction
A HDPE liner is surrounded by a protective tubular cage and a strong metal base that will support the stacking of totes. The size is about 40"x46" at the base and approx. 52" tall. The empty tote weighs in the neighborhood of 125# and varies by manufacturer.
A fully loaded Tote weighs more than 2600#.

Rare, Black Barrels for sale in Yuma. Sanitized, pressure washed, and safe for water storage. 55 gallons with bungs. $55.00 ea.

Satisfied Customers

I am extremely happy with the odor-free and sanitary totes I purchased from barrelsandtotes.com. The containers were thoroughly cleaned and pressure-washed, ensuring safe water storage free of chemicals. Ryan Canales